The Dina formation at Evesham is an estuarine channel complex developed in palaeo-geographic lows on the Devonian unconformity surface. Wells produce oil from shallower zones in the area, but are generally drilled through the Dina formation and logged. As a consequence, excellent control is available to characterize the Dina sand reservoir and to define the oil-water contact. This analysis, along with Tuscany’s high quality 3D seismic database, enabled detailed mapping of the Dina reservoir.

In 2009 and 2010 Tuscany drilled 5 horizontal wells on 3D seismically defined high. They came on at approximately 110 barrels of oil per day. The latest three were the most successful horizontal wells drilled to date in this Dina pool, on the 1,320 acre prospect. It has also install a 100%WI water disposal well

The McDaniel reserve report gave Tuscany 14 proven and probable locations, 59 contingent locations and a contingent resource of 2.63 million barrels (net).

Tuscany (the operator and has a 60% WI) has prepared a development plan for the pool based on geology and proprietary 3D seismic. The plans currently call for drilling 12 more horizontal wells in 2011 with subsequent increases planned in 2012 and beyond using the cash flow to finance the further development.

The economic fundamentals of these Dina make for a reasonable short payout on the cost of drilling and a satisfactory ROI as the F and D costs are low (projected to be under $15.per BOE).

Well Cost: $1.0mm drill & equip a HZ well with no frac needed
Reserves: 75,000 bbls oil per well 2% royalty on first 37,000 bbls
Production Est.: 85 bopd IP, 50 bopd first year avg and a 20% per year decline thereafter

Dina Channel

Pay zone is 9 Meter

Seismic Overlaid with Development Well Program 2010/11

cmgs AP corr 920
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Horizontal drilling is the only economically viable method to recover Dina oil for Evesham type pools. Cumulative production from over 190 horizontal wells in the area averages over 127,000 barrels of oil per well. Analogous pools in the area, Senlac and Eyehill, have produced 44 million and 9.6 million barrels of oil respectively. Tuscany’s pool with volumetric oil in place of 60m million barrels can be developed with over 30 wells, a total capital project of $28 plus  million dollars, and funded over 3 years. Production should be well above 1000 Boepd after two years of  this project.

Pay Zone


Dina Type Vertical Logs

Eyehill - 01/06-10-040-28W3, Evesham - 11/02-21-039-27W3, Senlac - 01/08-25-039027W3
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Current Producing field close to Evesham

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