Tuscany Energy Ltd. currently produces 90 BOPD and 180 MCF/D from 16 wells on its Evesham/Macklin properties from the Sparky formation. The wells are producing on 40 acre spacing presently, but Tuscany has approval to down space to 20 acres over a significant portion of its Evesham property.

The Sparky formation in the Evesham/Macklin area is composed of two thin but vertically separated sands that were deposited as elongate NE-SW trending linear sand bodies, in a transgressive, shallow marine environment.

Oil is trapped at Evesham and Macklin in a combination trap overlying a regional NE-SW trending structural high that plunges to the southwest. The individual Sparky sandstones pass laterally into shale at both Evesham and Macklin, forming combination structural-stratigraphic traps.

Oil production at Evesham and Macklin is from primary production (depletion). The Evesham Sparky pool has an oil in place of 12.1 million stock tank barrels (MMStb) and has produced 0.7 million MMStb to January 2009. Tuscany has 2P (NPV10) remaining reserves of 274 MStb of oil from the 2008 McDaniel and Associates Reserve Report, representing an ultimate recovery of 0.974 Mstb oil. This would give an ultimate recovery factor of 8%.

The Evesham Sparky north pool (operated by Husky) is under active water flood and has already produced 8% of the oil in place (OOIP). The ultimate (enhanced) recovery is predicted to be 13% of the OOIP for this pool. This indicates the secondary recovery potential on Tuscany’s Evesham and Macklin lands.

Evesham/Macklin Sparky – Site Pictures

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