Tuscany Featured in Pathway Asset Management Newsletter as a Good Prospect

Bill Koenig ,CFA CMa, Portfotlo Manager at Pathway Asset Managemnt wrote an article on Tuscany in his February newsletter. He had previously writien an article in the January newsletter explaining his rationale on why "Heavy OIl Players, because they aren't playing in unconventional resources, they have been punished by the Market"  . He  showed some to economics of these type for wells versus some of the new plays. He shows Heavy oil economics for Lloyd and Dina types are in the top quartile low F&D; Cost and High ROI (60 -120%).

On Tuscany, he discussed  the value creation process. He again as with other prospect  wrote the fact that Tuscany is trading at a discount both its peer group and its NAV @ 10% , ( 60 %of february 14, 2011). With Tuscany's plans to drill 10 horizontals in 2011 his conclusion was that that  was lots of upside in Tuscany.

The  full article can be found at www.tuscanyenergy.com/PDF/2011_02_Pathway_Asset.pdf.

You can find the January newsletter and the other article on the economics at  the Pathway Website www.pathwayam.com/index.cfm

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