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Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is the voice of the upstream producing sector of the petroleum industry. Member companies explore for, develop and produce more than 95 per cent of Canada's natural gas and crude oil.
The Energy Information Adminstration (EIA)
The Energy Information Adminstration (EIA) is a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. It provides policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets and public understanding regarding energy an its interaction with the economy and the environment.
The International Energy Agency (IEA)
The International Energy Agency is an autonomous agency linked with Organizations for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The IEA is the energy forum for 26 Member countries. IEA Member governments are committed to taking joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies. They have also agreed to share energy information, to co-ordinate their energy policies and to co-operate in the development of rational energy programs.
Simmons & Company International
Simmons & Company International is an independent investment bank specializing in the energy industry. The company site has historical and in-depth knowledge about trends within the oil & gas sector. The website also contains research reports, energy statistics, and useful links to the energy industry.
Governing Bodies
Environment Canada
Environment Canada's vision is to see a Canada where people make responsible decisions about the environment, and where the environment is thereby sustained for the benefit of present and future generations.
Ministry of Energy
Alberta Ministry of Energy provides the policy, administration and regulatory framework for the efficient and effective development of the provincie's energy and mineral resources, and to ensure Albertans have reliable access to energy supplies.
Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)
The NRCB provides a fair, open and impartial forum for Albertans to participate in the review of natural resource development projects.
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB)
The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta with responsibility to regulate the safe, responsible, and efficient development of Alberta's energy resources: oil, natural gas, oil sands, coal, and electrical energy; and the pipeline and transmission lines to move the resources to market. The EUB also regulates rates and terms of service of investor-owned gas, electric, and water utility services in Alberta, as well as the major intra-Alberta gas transmission system.
National Energy Board (NEB)
The National Energy Board promotes safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency by regulating in the Canadian public interest the construction and operation of interprovincial and international pipelines, the tolls and tariffs of interprovincial and international pipelines, the construction and the operation of international power lines, the exports of oil and electricity, the exports and imports of natural gas, and the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in non-Accord frontier areas.
Saskatchewan Energy and Mines
Saskatchewan Energy and Mines works toward the full and responsible development of the province's oil, natural gas and mineral resources, thereby creating jobs, sustaining economic activity and providing revenues to fund government programs and services.
British Columbia Ministry of Energy & Mines
The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines is responsible for the management of British Columbia's energy, mineral and petroleum resources to ensure environmental protection and worker safety. The Ministry also collects revenues generated by the mining and petroleum industries in British Columbia.
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