Key Properties

Other assets

Tuscany 50 -55% WI
Tuscany has a variety of other exploration assets that will see further technical work and initial drilling in 2012 and beyond.

Winter, SK
Winter is a Dina oil play located to the north of Evesham. Tuscany acquired the play based on an old vertical well log showing bypassed oil pay in the Dina zone. Nearby, other companies are targeting the Dina with multi-well horizontal pad drilling. Tuscany plans to prepare for an initial 4-well pad to allow for immediate additional development if results warrant.



Evesham - Birdbear, SK
Vertical wells on Tuscany's Birdbear land in the Evesham region show bypassed Birdbear pay. Immediately adjacent, NuVista has been actively drilling horizontal wells with average initial production of 160 bopd per well. Downspacing rules allow for 7 horizontal locations on Tuscany's land, which is not subject to any immediate expiry issues.

Evesham - Birdbear