News Management

News Management is the functionality to add and edit News items to be displayed on

The News items may be displayed in two areas of the website. All News items are displayed on News page. Each News item also has the option to display on the Main Page by toggling the “Main Page” checkbox (i.e. checked = display, unchecked = do not display).

To create a new News item, click “New” under the “Selected Record Details” box. This will open the News item editor where both the Main Page view and News view can be edited. You now see the following details: ID, date, release date, title, main page text and main page visibility. Be sure to fill in all the required fields. If you want to delay the visibility of the News item, select a date and time for it to display on the LIVE website. If you want the News item to be displayed on Main page, check the “Main Page” check box. “Quick View” displays the News item as they are on site, both on News Page and on Main Page. Click on “Insert” to save the News item or “Cancel” to discard changes.

To edit an existing News item, select the appropriate News item from “News List” by clicking “Select” immediate right of the News item. This will open the News item editor. Each of the items can be changed. Once the changes are complete click “Update” to save changes.


If you require assistance please email technical support at [email protected].